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Fuser for HP Color LaserJet
4700, 4730 mfp & CLJ CM4730mfp
Series Printers

Our replacement fuser is also compatible with the
HP Color LaserJet CP4005 series, and it will reset the
fuser page count for all these printers.
see notes below

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These are genuine HP replacement fusers for the Color LaserJet 4700, 4730, and CP 4005 families of printers.
We offer new, and like-new Refurbished. Refurbished fusers give you a fuser good as new, at a much lower price than new.
Our like-new replacement fusers are remanufactured using OEM parts and they will reset the fuser page count, just like a new replacement fuser. Please see full details & notes below.

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Fuser (Fixing) Assembly for HP Color LaserJet 4700 series printers, will reset the fuser page count for CLJ 4700, 4730 and CP4005 printers: Q7503A, RM1-3131-000, Q7503A, RM1-3146-000

OEM Fuser (Fixing) Assembly
for HP Color LaserJet 4700, 4730 mfp,
CLJ CM4730 mfp & CP4005 printers

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or to order fuser kit: Q7502A (110V contains RM1-3131-000 fuser),
Q7503A (220V contains RM1-3146-000 fuser)

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CLJ CM4730mfp & CP4005 series printers

emptyCLJ 4700, 4730, & CP 4005 Series Fusers— important notes:

The original fuser that comes inside the 4700 series printer has a part number of RM1-1719 for 110V, and RM1-1734 for the 220V version. The original fuser has no page count reset circuitry, since the fuser and printer are already starting at zero.

The HP LaserJet 4700 family of printers has no fuser page count reset mechanism accessible via control panel or computer screen, but, instead, relies upon the reset circuitry that is built into the replacement fusers for this series, to reset the page count automatically.

The replacement 110V fuser is RM1-3131, and the replacement 220V fuser is RM1-3146. (These are the fusers that come in the Q7502A and the Q7503A kits.)

These replacement fusers contain the special circuitry that causes the Color LaserJet 4700 printer to automatically reset the fuser use page counter upon the first power-on cycle after the replacement fuser has been installed, so that you can keep track of number of pages printed by the newly installed fuser. This special event will only happen once, when the printer is powered up for the very first time

So, if a customer decides to take a good fuser from one CLJ 4700, 4730, or CP4005 printer and installs it in another of these printers, the fuser page counter will not be reset. Only brand new, or properly remanufactured fusers, with the part numbers of RM1-3131 (110V) or RM1-3146 (220V), will reset the page counters, and they will only do that the one time. Most remanufactured fusers of this type cannot reset the count.

The Printer Works’ expert technicians carefully remanufacture the fusers using OEM parts and our own techniques, and the results are truly Like New. TPW’s remanufactureed fusers do contain the special circuitry to automatically reset the fuser page count upon the first power-on cycle of the printer.

We sell these remanufactured RM1-3131 and RM1-3146 replacement fusers as Q7502A-R (110V) and Q7503A-R (220V), respectively. They are truly good as new OEM, and they will reset your fuser page count automatically. The only difference is the much lower price.

This fuser is compatible with:
HP Color LaserJet 4700 (HP Q7491A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700DN(HP Q7493A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700N (HP Q7492A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700PH+(HPQ7495A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700DTN(HPQ7494A)
HP Color LaserJet 4730 (HP Q7517A)
HP Color LaserJet 4730xm(HP Q7520A)
HP Color LaserJet 4730xs(HP Q7519A)
HP Color LaserJet 4730x (HP Q7518A)
HP Color LaserJet CM4730mfp
HP Color LaserJet CP4005dn (CB504A)
HP Color LaserJet CP4005n (CB503A)

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